DSC Europe Info Booth

Data Science Conference Europe is one of the largest Data & AI conferences and fastest growing Data & AI community in Europe. We are Tech-first Data & AI Conference, that connects business, professionals & academia in one place. We have great plans for the end of 2021 & throughout 2022. After the Conference is finished we are launching our newest platform Data Cosmos®, which is dedicated to all Data Professionals & Data Enthusiast.
Data Cosmos® is a one-stop place where you will find the latest talks & tutorials from DSC Franchise. For the next year we have a big plan with further development of the DSC Franchise. Next year we will organise at least 8 Conferences on 4 different continents – and though we can’t promise, we have a goal to extend our coverage to every continent. Main event next year will be DSC Europe 2022 – which will be a hybrid event (both live & virtual) – happening on November 20-24th in Belgrade, Serbia. Check out more details for DSC Europe 2022 on the button below.